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Crimson Tears Client J.M.

I cry tears
Stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed
Swinging blows that penetrate
Skin and attack soul.
Wide open to the glares of sorrow
My cries fell on deaf ears.
My skin ran free of scars.
Should I delve to my quintessence
So you can see my pain?
Its like rain falling.
I cry tears
Stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed.
Can we press rewind?
I remember those times
When death seemed the prize.
Never stolen until
Artificial wrinkles became
River bed for tears stained red.
How many days I wished to be dead
Until I saw the place I furnished.
I cry tears stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed.
Domestic Violence
Emphasis on domestic.
I became my own little terrorist
Holding onto flesh rotting,
One big weeping wound.
Brimstone rang from his every step.
So many times I realized he
Was the devil incarnate.
Bag packed, safety word set
Is this the low brow loving I get?
It is a romantic death.
Hand cocked
Mine rises faster
Knocked intention right out of him
Them my child cried.
We ran
We ran until the sun met our path
Washing us in healing hues.
No longer do I identify with abused.
I have surpassed survive.

2020 Stories

When Christine* first came to Bay Area Turning Point (BATP) she had been experiencing domestic violence by her spouse who was also an alcoholic for nearly 30 years. Christine was faced with the burden of having to financially support the entire household on her own, while tending to her husband’s medical needs and balancing time to be a supportive parent.  Christine was at the point where she felt hopeless and lost with no idea what to do next. Christine came to BATP seeking any kind of help she could receive. After meeting with one of our Advocates, Christine made the decision to apply for a protective order. Christine was also able to gain resources on how to file for divorce and began utilizing counseling services. Christine had the support of her Advocate for court accompaniments as she went through her protective order and divorce processes. Christine also began to discover who she was as an individual, and started to increase her self-esteem through counseling.             

Unfortunately, Christine began to experience hardships once again when COVID-19 caused her to lose her job. Christine turned to BATP once more for resources and was able to use counseling services to help her learn how to apply for jobs, and freshen up her resume. BATP was also able to help Christine financially, by utilizing a grant to help her cover some utility bills and keep food on the table until she is able to get back on her feet. Christine is currently in the process of interviewing for jobs and has more confidence in herself as a result of all the support she has through BATP.

*Name has been changed due to confidentiality.


Linda*, an 18 year old, sexual assault survivor, came to us for counseling after she reported the assault to law enforcement. While waiting to hear whether the case would go to court, Linda continued to work on her studies as a senior in high school. As with all schools throughout the country, when COVID-19 became prevalent, Linda had to move to doing her school work at home. Once again, things were not turning out like she imagined. During this time she learned that the District Attorney’s was not going to pick-up the charges against Linda’s offender and prosecute her case. This became a huge upset for Linda resulting in depression. Nevertheless, she summoned up the determination to finish her studies and took her end of the year exams. Linda graduated this spring, and we are so proud of her grit and endurance during such a challenging time.


*Name has been changed due to confidentiality.


When Susan Jones* first came into our counseling program, she had experienced severe trauma around domestic and sexual assault. Susan was in a violent relationship where she was raped as well as verbally and emotionally abused. Susan was also faced with being isolated from her family and friends due to her relocation from another state. She did not have a job since fleeing the abusive relationship where all financial responsibilities fell on the abuser. At this point she was attempting to regain her independence and financial stability. After utilizing counseling services, Susan began to self identify all those strengths she once lost while in the abusive relationship. She has been able to make great strides and reestablishing her self-worth and her voice. Susan also took advantage of our other programs such as legal advocacy services to identify what her rights were as well as legal assistance referrals.

We saw Susan change in the following ways: her self-esteem and self-worth improved, she was able to gain the confidence to seek and secure employment all in the midst of trying to heal from her trauma and managing coping during a global pandemic. She was able to secure a job working remotely from home due to many stay at home orders which worked perfectly for her since she was not quite ready to face the world and run the risk of running into her abuser. Susan is now employed, happy and still recognizes that she has more healing and growth to do but she is very pleased with how resilient she has been and how bright her future is.

Our hope for Susan is that she is always aware of her worth, recognizes her triggers and utilizes the coping skills that have been able to get her through the toughest moments in life. She is a survivor and an overcomer.

*Name has been changed due to confidentiality.
When Daniela* first came into our shelter, she had experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse. Daniela also faced anxiety, depression and homelessness due to the abuse she experienced. After utilizing the counseling and housing services, Daniela began to have some peace of mind as she learned ways to incorporate self-care into her life and to teach her daughters as well. Daniela took advantage of other programs, such as, support group, life skills and a group to help improve her interviewing and resume skills to find a better job. We saw Daniela begin to express herself by incorporating her feelings and thoughts in her artwork and she inspired many others in the shelter to share their feelings and work through their emotions. Daniela is currently residing in her own home with her daughters and we hope they continue to progress and use the skills they have learned at BATP to live a fulfilling life.

*Name has been changed due to client confidentiality.
“A story that that touched my heart is that of an anonymous mom with two kids. She had fled her abusive partner and was afraid to give me her information. After talking with her and assuring her that our agency had confidential guidelines and her information would not going to be shared with anyone, she agreed to give me enough information to be able to set her an appointment with an advocate. My concern was that she was sleeping in her car, and she had no place to go. I was able to provide her an appointment and she gracefully agreed to give me her phone number. I understood the fear, and I am so glad she decided to trust me.”
“At this point, I have attended therapy for about two years consecutively; and I certainly learned good techniques that Sandra kindly and professionally taught me. I am not going to lie, I am going to miss my wonderful therapist, but like everything in life has an end, my therapy is certainly not an exception. I am very grateful for the altruistic job that Bay Area Turning Point provides to the community, it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Once again, THANK YOU, and God Bless you All.” -BATP nonresidential client  

“My success story is that of a mom with two kids who was fleeing her abuser and was afraid to give me her information. After talking with her and assuring her that our agency has confidential guidelines and her information was not going to be shared with anyone, she agreed to give me enough information to be able to set her an appointment with an advocate to further discuss how we could assist her. I really wanted her to be able to access our help because she had been sleeping in her car for several days and she had no place to go.  I provided her an appointment, and she bravely agreed to give me her phone number.  I understand her fear but I am so glad she decided to trust me.”

When Marsha first came into our Shelter, she had experienced a decade of sexual, physical, emotional, and financial abuse. Due to all of this trauma, Marsha was experiencing PTSD, anxiety, sleeplessness and extremely low self-esteem.

After utilizing a referral for a triage visit a mental health resource, Marsha’s emotional and mental health was in a much healthier place. Marsha began to believe in herself and became confident. Marsha secured employment, grew into an exceptional team member at her job, saved up to purchase her first car and rent her first apartment on her own.

While Marsha was residing in our shelter, she also took advantage of our other programs such as support group, life skills classes, and career readiness classes. Marsha was always willing to lend a helping hand or encouraging word to the other residents, and even to staff at the shelter.

Marsha is currently working at the same employer and participating in our non-residential services while she is living in her own apartment. Marsha says that staying connected to Bay Area Turning Point keeps her strong.


2019 Stories

Sarah* has been with Bay Area Turning Point for about 3 months now. After fleeing a violent situation, she and her two children reside in our shelter. Sarah and her children had been living with Sarah’s mother, who was abusive towards her. Sarah had been raised in a home where abuse was the norm. Once she realized her children were having this same experience with family violence, Sarah made the bold and courageous decision to leave. Sarah decided that “enough was enough” and loaded her two children and as much as she could fit into the car and headed toward Texas.

She has attended support group at our shelter and her children have attended our children’s support group. Through constant meetings with her caseworker and encouragement from support group she has been able to set clear healthy boundaries with family and has such a more positive outlook on life than she did when we first met. I remind her often of her affirmations that she created and to recite them whenever she feels she needs a ‘pick me up.’ She is able to also now identify coping skills that she can use when she has flashbacks and triggers. I am very proud of Sarah for the courageous person she is and the steps she has made towards self love and independence, not only for herself but for her children as well.

*Client’s name has been changed due to confidentiality.

I received a called from Mary* over our 24 hour crisis hotline. She was desperate and needed a place to go.

She had been in a verbally and mentally abusive relationship and needed to get away from her boyfriend as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there was no room at our shelter, so she stayed at a local motel for a few days until space became available. Mary stayed in our shelter and once she had achieved some of her goals towards self-sufficiency, she left the shelter and moved out on her own.

After Mary moved out of our shelter, she transitioned to our non-residential program. This program allows individuals to take part in all of our same services, expect living inside the shelter. Mary was able to attend several appointments with a BATP counselor and eventually, she began to come to our weekly non-residential support group meetings. Mary often expressed her gratitude for the help we gave her and the emotional support provided through therapy services.

After a few weeks of support group, Mary came up to me one night and was extremely excited. She had found a job close by at a local hotel. She was so excited that she had the courage to set new goals and achieve them.

I feel so proud that Bay Area Turning Point has been able to help this individual to be strong enough to ask for help and then go out and find a new life for herself!

*Client’s name has been changed due to confidentiality


Sandy decided after many years to leave her abuser, contacting Bay Area Turning Point for Shelter. Sandy came to shelter unsure of what to expect, as this was her first time to ever enter into a shelter. She wasn’t aware of the many programs, resources and counseling that would be available to her. Her first week was a little rough, she wasn’t sure that she could handle the differences in personalities she was interacting with at shelter. She felt like she was overwhelmed in a new situation, unsure of what the next steps could be for her. After talking to our Transportation Aide, Sandy felt the courage to keep pushing through.

The Transportation Aide reassured Sandy that she could build a future by taking advantage of the many resources that are available at Bay Area Turning Point, that we were always available when she needed someone to talk to and just listen. So with that little bit of encouragement, Sandy knew a brighter future was ahead.

As the days progressed various Bay Area Turning Point staff informed Sandy of the programs available to help her find a job, transportation, housing and other basic assistance she needed. Sandy was signing up for different events, updating her resume, going on multiple job interviews and still job searching. It was only a matter of a few weeks when all of her hard work and efforts paid off.
Sandy came to staff excitedly announcing that she not only was starting one job but two jobs! Both jobs schedules worked together perfectly. Then she got an even bigger smile stating that there was an apartment located between both jobs that she had been looking at, it seemed that everything was falling into place for her. She stated, “When God has a plan for you he works out all the little details…it all seems to be lining up”.
Sandy also took advantage of our counseling program where she felt she was making progress. She commented, “I am starting to understand that what I went through is not my fault. I am not the reason why my marriage fell apart and why he did what he did to me”.
She not only got the chance to begin a new life, but grow and learn about her emotions and feelings through the process. Sandy, we are so proud of you and wish you all the best!

Bay Area Turning Point has been there for me every step of the way. I was alone at first, getting abused by my soon to be ex-husband. I was sleeping in my car. My kids had been taken from me; I barely had any clothes, and had no one to talk to but God. I was looking for an agency that did rapid rehousing, and remembered that Bay Area Turning Point did. They told me they would be able to help me.

Bay Area Turning Point has been helping me ever since. They have helped me with emotional problems, finances, and even clothes. I am at such peace knowing that there are people out there willing to help when your own family is against you. I am even going back to school to get my CDL. I have so much faith in humanity now, when I had none.

I am working two jobs to make ends meet. I know my kids will remember the abuse, but I want them to know, they don’t ever have to get abused.

After being violently assaulted, Georgia* fled from her home to hide in a ditch across the street. While lying inside the ditch, Georgia called 911 for assistance. Georgia was taken to the hospital and treated for serious injuries to her face and eye.

Once released from the hospital, Georgia was escorted to Bay Area Turning Point for assistance applying for Crime Victims Compensation, a program to reimburse survivors for expenses related to the crime. Georgia’s advocate not only assisted her with applying for this program but also informed Georgia of her rights. Georgia decided to file criminal charges against her abuser, and with her advocates help, Georgia was able to tell the local law enforcement about the violence she experienced.

Georgia’s symptoms from the abuse she endured began to become more severe, and she experienced dizziness and loss of sight. This caused Georgia to miss work to attend many doctors’ appointments. Due to the extensive damage to her eye, Georgia eventually had to endure multiple surgeries. Although the surgery did lessen the dizziness that she experiences, Georgia’s sight was not able to be fully regained.

Because of her advocate’s assistance, Georgia was reimbursed for her medical bills and loss of wages from missing work from Crime Victims Compensation. Georgia began attending counseling with Bay Area Turning Point and started her next chapter free from violence. Georgia often checks in with her advocate to say hello and express her gratitude.

*Client’s name has been changed for confidentiality

Katie* A young lady entered our shelter, bruised from her history. She was unemployed and seeking stability. Through her focus and determination she quickly acquired employment. She worked long nights but never allowed it to break her spirit or willpower to succeed. She staying extremely focused on her goals during her time at the shelter while continuing to push towards her independence. After gaining employment she was on her way to obtaining secure housing. This young lady recently moved on from Bay Area Turning Point and has found herself, independent of her past.

*Client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.


Claire* entered our therapy services after she had been sexually assaulted on her school campus. Although that she was usually an outgoing and confident woman, after the assault occurred, she had become extremely anxious, self-conscious, and scared to go anywhere. She was constantly reliving the events that occurred, and she was afraid to interact with people in various social settings Claire feared that she would become a target again. Like many who have experiences sexually assault, Claire blamed herself, feeling that she had done something for the attacker to choose her to prey upon. Because of this belief, she changed her appearance, stopped hanging out with her friends, and isolated herself from family.

While waiting for a decision from the justice system, Claire’s offender was not incarcerated. Claire lived in fear that he would assault her again. This increased Claire’s anxiety dramatically. This led Claire to the decision to come to Bay Area Turning Point for our counseling program. After six months of therapy, Claire had regained her sense of security. She no longer felt helpless and anxious. She started opening herself up to making new friends and slowly started trusting people again. Claire’s attacker was eventually placed on probation, and Claire felt a since of strength knowing that some justice was served. Claire realized that the assault will be something she will always remember, however, she will not let it take over her life. She learned coping strategies to help her feel strong and empowered, when she is feeling sad. She regained herself confidence and felt beautiful again. Claire realized that she is a survivor and that no matter what; she can overcome any obstacles placed in her way.

*Client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

Words of Appreciation from Clients:

I am so thankful for the staff here and I was able to get my medicine today. I have not been able to do that in such a long time.

I am so thankful for the services here!

My kids are comfortable here, have fun, and they feel safe! When my kids feel this way then it makes me content, thank you to the staff.

I can tell that the staff who works here is genuine.

I’ve never been to a facility where the staff treated me so kindly, they understand that we have been through something really bad. I am appreciative.

To the Board of Directors of Bay Area Turning Point:

I am writing to you today to make you aware of the outstanding dedication of your staff and in particular of Carrie Enriquez. I know that most of your staff work tirelessly, and put in long hours, but I doubt that you often hear of the overwhelmingly positive, life changing difference they make in the day to day lives of individuals.

Last month, my daughter was involved in an incident of domestic violence. For our family, this was completely uncharted territory. We were scared and confused and it was a very traumatic time for us. We were originally referred to the bay area council on drugs, who thankfully then referred us to your organization bay area turning point. From the moment we met ms. Carrie Enriquez, she put us at ease.she led us through the whole process, took us to the emergency room, and stayed with us until my daughter had been admitted (over four hours) during that time, her professionalism and reassuring nature was indispensable. She not only provided us with the practical information we needed, but went further to provides warm, positive, non-judgmental support on an emotional and psychological level, by the time Carrie left (very late that night) we felt like we knew what to do, and where we could get the help we needed. She let us know where to go to get counseling, clothes, and a safe place to stay.

The next day, Ms. Enriquez called to check on my daughter. Now, almost a month later, she will still call and check on my daughters progress and always offers encouragement and support. I know that part of this is just her job, but I know in my heart, that the thing that drives Carrie is a desire to help people.her passion and level of caring went far beyond what her job would was also nice to meet Andrea, who was in training, and she also exhibited the same type of deep commitment and passion.

Bay area turning point should feel very fortunate to have Ms. Enriquez on your staff. She exemplifies the core values that I have come to recognize is the mission of your organization.i do not have a lot of money, but because of my experience feel compelled to donate and volunteer my time in the the meantime, I hope this letter will at least allow Ms. Enriquez and Andrea to get some well-deserved recognition for the way they have touched the lives of me and my family. Thank you to them and thank you to your organization for what you do every day.

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