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Workshops and Groups

  • Violence Against Women Support Group - BATP offers a weekly confidential self-help support group for victims / survivors of Domestic Violence and / or Sexual Abuse. This group, facilitated by a therapist, focuses on the recovery process and provides counseling and emotional support. This group assists survivors in learning about all forms of abuse and its impact on themselves and their family. To attend this group or for more information please call (281) 286-2525.
  • Assertiveness Training - BATP offers an assertiveness training class. This class is designed to help build self-esteem and give women the skills to be more assertive in their communication and behavior. The class meets weekly for six weeks and is open to all women free of charge. The classes are held at Bay Area Turning Point's Crisis Intervention Center and Administrative Offices located at 210 S. Walnut Street, Webster.
  • Girls Empowerment Workshops - Bay Area Turning Point is able to go to schools, churches and youth organizations to offer workshops designed to give girls ages 11 to 16 the tools they need to feel good about themselves and help them have mutually respectful and nonviolent relationships throughout their lives. Topics include self-esteem, gender respect, communication skills, decision-making, and safe dating. These workshops are free! To schedule a workshop for your group, call (281) 338-7600 today!

For more information or to attend a workshop or group, please call 281-338-7600.


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