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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Kevin Bacon, Dylan McDermott, Gabrielle Union and Christina Ricci headline innovative RAINN campaign to help survivors of child sexual abuse. Nearly half of all victims of sexual assault are under the age of 18. It’s never too late for anyone adult survivors or children to get help. To learn more about RAINNs latest campaign and to view the public service announcement spots, visit RAINN’s YouTube Channel.

RAINN: The Secret

RAINN: Living In Fear

What ages of sexual assault survivors does BATP assist?
Our youngest client was under two, and our oldest was over the age of ninety.

Are all sexual assault clients female?
No. Although the majority of adult victims are women, the ratio of male and female child victims is almost equal. BATP has also assisted men who disclose incest from childhood.

Why doesnt a rapist just get a willing partner?
Rape is never about sex. Its about the perpetrators quest for power and control. The perpetrators goal is to overcome, dominate, and humiliate and to emotionally and physically hurt others.

There are several types of rapists, and all leave victims with shattered spirits that lose faith and trust in themselves and others. Sexual assault is the worst kind of violation.

How could an adult sexually abuse their own or any other child?
The power and control dynamics are the same. The adult often sees children as helpless and much like property. Typically, a child molester has a low self-esteem and has not matured in relationships with other adults.

The child molester can easily instill fear in a child that makes them keep their secret. The helplessness and innocence of a child make them easy targets of an adult.

Child molestation and incest are still difficult subjects to talk about in our society. This discomfort adds to the feeling of the child that they did something wrong, and are being punished. It is very hard for a child to tell on a family member, especially a parent.

Why are sexual assault victims called survivors?
Because many victims are killed in an attack or are left with serious physical injury. All sexual assault, rape, or incest, causes deep emotional wounds. To live through an assault and to reach out for healing takes great courage and tapping into an internal strength to overcome the trauma. Many survivors choose later to help others by sharing their strength and paths to recovery.

How can I find out how many sex offenders live in my neighborhood?
Visit Texas Department of Public Safety Online and search the Sex Offender Registration Database by zip code to find out.

Myths and Facts

Myth – Some women ask to be sexually assaulted by the way they dress or act.
Fact – One person’s behavior does not justify another person committing a crime against them.

Myth – If we avoid strangers we will avoid being sexually assaulted.
Fact – Over 75% of all reported sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances.

Myth – Only young, attractive women are sexually assaulted.
Fact – Targets of sexual assault can be any age, male or female.

Myth РVictims lie about being sexually assaulted.
Fact –¬†Less than 2% lie about being sexually assaulted.

For every $45 donation received, Bay Area Turning Point is able to
provide a safe haven for an adult and 2 children for 1 night.