Safety Strategies

There Is No Excuse for ABUSE

Nearly one-third of American women report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives, according to a 1998 Commonwealth Fund survey.

Domestic violence is a systematic pattern of abusive behavior that may include:

  • Threats, intimidation, or throwing/breaking of objects
  • Name calling, isolation and control
  • Slapping, hitting, or punching
  • Grabbing, pushing, kicking, or strangling
  • Forced sex
  • Use of weapons

Safety Strategies for Survivors

If an incident occurs:

  • Try not to be trapped in a place where there is no exit or where there may be weapons
  • Call 911 and report bruises, injury, and damaged property
  • Seek medical attention and have doctor note how you were injured
  • Seek temporary safety at a hotel, with friends, or at a shelter
  • Obtain a protective order

Overall strategies:

  • Create an exit plan with your children to prepare for the next incident
  • Pack a bag with clothes, important papers, money, medications and keys and keep it somewhere you can get to it if you have to leave
  • Build a support system
  • Get an escort to and from your car at work
  • Vary your daily schedule and routes
  • Find a job, start saving money and establishing credit

Bay Area Turning Point can help you plan and accomplish these goals. Call our 24-hour crisis hotline at (281) 286-2525 to schedule an appointment with one of our advocates. We can help you plan for a safe and violence-free future.

Abuse is never your fault. YOU DESERVE RESPECT.