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    Resale Shop


    About Resale

    The BATP Resale Shop benefits the clients of Bay Area Turning Point in two ways:

    1. Provides our clients, who have left home and are starting new lives, with shopping vouchers that allow them to purchase clothing and other items needed without a charge.
    2. Generates funds from the sale of goods to the general public to support direct services for clients like shelter, counseling, and advocacy.

    Donations to the resale shop are tax deductible according to the IRS regulations for charitable contributions.

    The BATP Resale Shop depends on your donations to keep the shop stocked.

    For your convenience, the Resale Shop can accept Visa and Mastercard payments. As of May 1, 2010 checks are no longer accepted.

    (Scroll down for a list of items we can/cannot except.)

    Where, When, and What to Give:

    18207 Egret Bay Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77058
    Phone: 281.957.9910

    Business Hours:


    TUESDAY –  SATURDAY: 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM


    TUESDAY – FRIDAY 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

    SATURDAY 10:00 AM TO 2:00 PM

    When the sorting room is full, we must temporarily stop accepting donations, to avoid violations to the fire code and fines. If you are donating on a Saturday afternoon or in late December, call the shop first to ensure that there is space for your donation.

    Please do not ask our staff to break the rules. They will do everything to accommodate you, but are prohibited to break the rules.

    Please do not leave donations outside when the shop is closed.

    We could be fined for having items left at the front and/or back door sidewalks and cannot guarantee that the donation will be received. A receipt cannot be issued for items we are unable to attest to receiving.

    End-Of-Year Donations

    If you wish to make a donation and receive a receipt for tax-deductions, we must receive your donation by 4:30 PM on the last Friday of the year.

    Please note: Once our receiving area is full, we cannot continue to accept donations , in risk of being fined for a fire hazard. If you are planning a year-end donation, we suggest the following:

    1. Plan ahead and donate items before the rush at the end of the year.
    2. Call the store during business hours, to make sure there is space to accept your donation.
    3. Familiarize yourself with the list of items we can and cannot accept. We cannot provide you with a receipt for items we cannot accept. We also cannot provide you with a receipt for items that are left on the sidewalk or in the parking lot after business hours.

    We Appreciate Your Support!

    Bay Area Turning Point Resale Shop Flyer

    Thank you for understanding our policies and working with us to curtail shop expenses so it can be a financial support for our mission.

    Take advantage of the many bargains!


    You donate a sofa, volunteers and staff price it and display it on the Resale Shop floor. A supportive customer purchases the sofa.  Money from the sale helps to provide BATP shelter & services.  Lives are saved and changed.THANK YOU!

    Resale Cycle - Sofa

    Volunteer of the Month! 

    Congratulations to our Resale Shop Volunteer of the Month, Vickie Hodges! Thanks for all you do for us at the resale shop. Your ability to run the store when needed is greatly appreciated.


    Vickie Hodges, Resale Shop Volunteer of the Month (pictured right)
    Sally Seiler, Resale Shop Director (pictured left)

    Resale is always in search of dedicated volunteers! Sort, stock, price or sell and have fun while making a difference. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the volunteer page or contact our Volunteer Services Manager at 281-338-7600.

    For every $45 donation received, Bay Area Turning Point is able to
    provide a safe haven for an adult and 2 children for 1 night.