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BATPS Impact Success

BATPS Impact Success

BATP’s Impact and Success

We are often asked about Successes. After nearly 25 years of working with abused adults and children, I have, I think, learned the indicators of success. I have come to believe that they are:

  • Whatever change that an individual is striving for begins to blossom
  • It is the hope that you see on a woman’s face when she talks about the future and the courage you see in her to face it
  • It is the sparkle returning to the once sad eyes of a child
  • It is a woman or child saying I feel safe here
  • It is that beam of achievement that radiates outwardly when a woman is able to get a car, a job, a home, and she has come to believe that she is capable of self sufficiency
  • It is those times when one woman shares her experiences with another woman and helps her visualize a life without violence and abuse
  • It is that sticky hug you often get from a child

Success? It is little steps and it is big steps but it is joyful in whichever way it comes.

Success is, I believe, the rebirth of the human spirit, an awakening of ones possibilities and dreams, and the knowledge that one is a treasure of God; valuable and beautiful.

Diane Savage

I cannot ignore the fact that Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are serious problems in our community. It is painful to think about how lives, primarily women and children, are devastated by those acts of violence.

I consider volunteering in various ways and providing financial support to BATP as one of the most meaningful ways I can spend my time and money so that BATP can help the victims who so desperately need it.  Serving on the Board of Directors gives me insight into the many ways that BATP supports and advocates for the victims, changing and saving lives in the process.

Robert Heselmeyer, Former Board of Directors member

Crimson Tears Client J.M.

I cry tears
Stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed
Swinging blows that penetrate
Skin and attack soul.
Wide open to the glares of sorrow
My cries fell on deaf ears.
My skin ran free of scars.
Should I delve to my quintessence
So you can see my pain?
Its like rain falling.
I cry tears
Stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed.
Can we press rewind?
I remember those times
When death seemed the prize.
Never stolen until
Artificial wrinkles became
River bed for tears stained red.
How many days I wished to be dead
Until I saw the place I furnished.
I cry tears stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed.
Domestic Violence
Emphasis on domestic.
I became my own little terrorist
Holding onto flesh rotting,
One big weeping wound.
Brimstone rang from his every step.
So many times I realized he
Was the devil incarnate.
Bag packed, safety word set
Is this the low brow loving I get?
It is a romantic death.
Hand cocked
Mine rises faster
Knocked intention right out of him
Them my child cried.
We ran
We ran until the sun met our path
Washing us in healing hues.
No longer do I identify with abused.
I have surpassed survive.

To the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Turning Point:

I am writing to you today to make you aware of the outstanding dedication of your staff and in particular of Carrie Enriquez. I know that most of your staff work tirelessly, and put in long hours, but I doubt that you often hear of the overwhelmingly positive, life changing difference they make in the day to day lives of individuals.

Last month, my daughter was involved in an incident of domestic violence. For our family, this was completely uncharted territory. We were scared and confused and it was a very traumatic time for us. We were originally referred to the bay area council on drugs, who thankfully then referred us to your organization bay area turning point. From the moment we met ms. Carrie Enriquez, she put us at ease.she led us through the whole process, took us to the emergency room, and stayed with us until my daughter had been admitted (over four hours) during that time, her professionalism and reassuring nature was indispensable. She not only provided us with the practical information we needed, but went further to provides warm, positive, non-judgmental support on an emotional and psychological level, by the time Carrie left (very late that night) we felt like we knew what to do, and where we could get the help we needed.  She let us know where to go to get counseling, clothes, and a safe place to stay.

The next day, Ms. Enriquez called to check on my daughter. Now, almost a month later, she will still call and check on my daughters progress and always offers encouragement and support. I know that part of this is just her job, but I know in my heart, that the thing that drives Carrie is a desire to help people.her passion and level of caring went far beyond what her job would was also nice to meet Andrea, who was in training, and she also exhibited the same type of deep commitment and passion.

Bay area turning point should feel very fortunate to have Ms. Enriquez on your staff. She exemplifies the core values that I have come to recognize is the mission of your organization.i do not have a lot of money, but because of my experience feel compelled to donate and volunteer my time in the the meantime, I hope this letter will at least allow Ms. Enriquez and Andrea to get some well-deserved recognition for the way they have touched the lives of me and my family. Thank you to them and thank you to your organization for what you do every day.

For every $45 donation received, Bay Area Turning Point is able to
provide a safe haven for an adult and 2 children for 1 night.