BATP’S Impact Success

Crimson Tears Client J.M.

I cry tears
Stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed
Swinging blows that penetrate
Skin and attack soul.
Wide open to the glares of sorrow
My cries fell on deaf ears.
My skin ran free of scars.
Should I delve to my quintessence
So you can see my pain?
Its like rain falling.
I cry tears
Stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed.
Can we press rewind?
I remember those times
When death seemed the prize.
Never stolen until
Artificial wrinkles became
River bed for tears stained red.
How many days I wished to be dead
Until I saw the place I furnished.
I cry tears stained crimson
By cheeks lashed
By hands open and closed.
Domestic Violence
Emphasis on domestic.
I became my own little terrorist
Holding onto flesh rotting,
One big weeping wound.
Brimstone rang from his every step.
So many times I realized he
Was the devil incarnate.
Bag packed, safety word set
Is this the low brow loving I get?
It is a romantic death.
Hand cocked
Mine rises faster
Knocked intention right out of him
Them my child cried.
We ran
We ran until the sun met our path
Washing us in healing hues.
No longer do I identify with abused.
I have surpassed survive.

Success Stories

Beth* came to Bay Area Turning Point’s residential shelter with her young son, after she fled an abusive relationship. Beth had been abused by her son’s father for some time. Beth entered our shelter with barriers that included depression and anxiety, unemployment, lack of transportation, and no local support system. Beth told us, “My abuser kept me and my son isolated from everyone the entire time that I was with him; therefore, I was never able to venture out and develop relationships with anyone.”

Beth spent the first ninety days of her time in our shelter adjusting to being around people again. Beth also spent time helping her son make the transition and adjustment to living in the shelter. Beth shared with us that she was so frightened, that even the idea of allowing her son to attend our shelter child care program made her nervous. She didn’t want to be separated from her son and was very scared. Beth worked through her concerns of trust and fear of separation with our staff and was able to utilize our childcare services as well as become comfortable enough to reach out to outside childcare resources.

Beth’s son adjusted well in childcare while Beth worked full time at a local fast food restaurant. Beth worked very hard, demonstrating her potential for advancement, and was offered an opportunity to move into management. Beth was able to increase her monthly income though this promotion, which made it possible for her to purchase a vehicle and transition into permanent housing.

Beth worked closely with many aspects of our team during her time with us such as childcare workers, advocates, therapists, and her caseworker to receive guidance and resources that were helpful in her path to self-sufficiency. Beth stated that she was able to accomplish her goals because of the patience, encouragement and guidance from Bay Area Turning Point staff. Beth was able to move forward each day with her goals to become independent and start her new phase of life, free from violence.
*Client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

Cynthia* first came to Bay Area Turning Point in February of 2015. Cynthia shared with us that she was married to a man who was verbally, emotionally and financially abusive to her. She described her life before meeting him as being very active and productive including working overseas, being a published poetess, and seeing her many friends and family members, including her children and grandchildren. She also talked about being financially stable and independent. All of these things came to a halt once she was married.
When we first met Cynthia she reported having depression and anxiety. She excused her husband’s abusive behaviors to his diagnosis of PTSD. Like many other victims, Cynthia blamed herself for the abuse. The abuse Cynthia endured lowered her self-esteem, and she felt so much shame.

Cynthia progressed through the therapy program and attended individual therapy sessions, then individual therapy sessions and support group, and eventually only support group sessions. Throughout this process, she came to understand that the abuse she experienced was not her fault and she stopped making excuses for her husband. She widened her support system by making new friends and reconnecting with old friends and family.

In fact she eventually moved out of her shared home with her abuser and moved in with her family. She worked very hard on her shame and self-esteem, all the while continuing to learn about abusive personality traits and the impact those actions had on her life. As she learned more in therapy, she shared that she felt like she had shed the depression and anxiety.

Once the depression and anxiety lost its grip on her, Cynthia became more active and productive. She went back to writing poetry and prose. She began to travel again. She started to repair her financial situation (her abuser left her in financial ruin) with part time work. During this time, Cynthia had some health issues. Cynthia did not have health insurance and could she afford insurance. She worked with one of the Legal Advocates at Bay Area Turning Point and found the health care she needed.
For many years Cynthia had dreamt of having a job overseas again and she finally attained that goal this year! On the last support group session Cynthia attended, the group prepared a special goodbye session for her. With joy, tears, and hugs we all wished her well and happy travels.
*Client’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

Words of Appreciation from our Clients:

I am so thankful for the staff here and I was able to get my medicine today. I have not been able to do that in such a long time.

I am so thankful for the services here!

My kids are comfortable here, have fun, and they feel safe! When my kids feel this way then it makes me content, thank you to the staff.

I can tell that the staff who works here is genuine.

I’ve never been to a facility where the staff treated me so kindly, they understand that we have been through something really bad. I am appreciative.

To the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Turning Point:

I am writing to you today to make you aware of the outstanding dedication of your staff and in particular of Carrie Enriquez. I know that most of your staff work tirelessly, and put in long hours, but I doubt that you often hear of the overwhelmingly positive, life changing difference they make in the day to day lives of individuals.

Last month, my daughter was involved in an incident of domestic violence. For our family, this was completely uncharted territory. We were scared and confused and it was a very traumatic time for us. We were originally referred to the bay area council on drugs, who thankfully then referred us to your organization bay area turning point. From the moment we met ms. Carrie Enriquez, she put us at ease.she led us through the whole process, took us to the emergency room, and stayed with us until my daughter had been admitted (over four hours) during that time, her professionalism and reassuring nature was indispensable. She not only provided us with the practical information we needed, but went further to provides warm, positive, non-judgmental support on an emotional and psychological level, by the time Carrie left (very late that night) we felt like we knew what to do, and where we could get the help we needed. She let us know where to go to get counseling, clothes, and a safe place to stay.

The next day, Ms. Enriquez called to check on my daughter. Now, almost a month later, she will still call and check on my daughters progress and always offers encouragement and support. I know that part of this is just her job, but I know in my heart, that the thing that drives Carrie is a desire to help people.her passion and level of caring went far beyond what her job would was also nice to meet Andrea, who was in training, and she also exhibited the same type of deep commitment and passion.

Bay area turning point should feel very fortunate to have Ms. Enriquez on your staff. She exemplifies the core values that I have come to recognize is the mission of your organization.i do not have a lot of money, but because of my experience feel compelled to donate and volunteer my time in the the meantime, I hope this letter will at least allow Ms. Enriquez and Andrea to get some well-deserved recognition for the way they have touched the lives of me and my family. Thank you to them and thank you to your organization for what you do every day.