Agency Statistics

For every $45 donation received, Bay Area Turning Point is able to provide a safe haven for an adult & 2 children for 1 night.

990 Tax Return

BATP Audit Report

In 2017, Bay Area Turning Point assisted our community through:

Shelter Services

23,353 shelter days
450 individuals sheltered; 222 children, 228 adults
93,412 meals and snacks
17,888 hours of structured childcare

Self Reliance Program

1521.5 hours of case management
357 hours of parenting skills classes
1,624.25 hours of individual therapeutic counseling
1,757.25 hours of support groups

Assisted 8,785 persons through our 24-hour hotline

137 advocacy accompaniments
81 school accompaniments
403 advocacy sessions
126 community education activities reaching 1,698 participants
682.75 violence prevention hours
127 individuals housed through the housing program